Engaging and connecting for the good of workers!

26 January 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused enormous damage to the social systems and economies of countries, the health and well-being of each individual and the entire society. Forced isolation and social distancing, changing working conditions and difficulty finding work-life balance, job loss and uncertainty about the future are all triggers that lead to mental health problems. Workers need to adapt to new conditions in accordance with pandemic cycles, policies in their country, support from employers and mental health professionals. It is our common responsibility today to develop a consolidated position associated with preserving of mental health and well-being of workers!

This requires the development of appropriate national strategies and programs from the states; an adequate system of prevention, timely diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation from healthcare systems and social protection; corporative support from employers; formation of the need for maintaining mental health among the working population.

The WPA Thematic Congress is a global platform engaging and connecting, where the results of scientific research can become a reality, where successful practices can be adapted in other countries for the benefit of the working population!

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