The Moscow Mental Health EXPO 2021 will be an essential part of the official program of the Congress on Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of the XXI Century and a step forward in solving the mental health challenges the world faces today.

The Congress will bring together international experts from various spheres of public health, psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychology, narcology, social security, politics, science & education, art & culture, sport & physical fitness, economics & law as well as government, business & community sectors leaders for an open dialog to deliver a concerted stance on mental health maintenance.


Reasons to Participate
  • Provide direct access to more than 1000 international professionals


    Maximize your visibility


    Establish and strengthen long-term relationships with key players in the field


    Increase sales figures


    Promote your company profile


    Showcase your products/services


    Demonstrate your commitment to mental health maintenance  
Who are invited
Marketing and management in the field of mental health care
  • Training of specialists, advanced training
  • Universities, research institutes
  • Advanced training centers
  • Workshops, courses
  • System of selection and evaluation of specialists
  • Advertising and PR
  • Media
  • Other  
Prevention of mental disorders
  • Anti-doping laboratories & centers
  • Publishing houses for educational and training materials
  • Research and educational institutions for the development of techniques in the field of mental disorder prevention
  • Prevention by means of vaccine
  • Psychohygiene
  • Active longevity
  • Other  
Treatment of mental disorders
  • Medical institutions, research and practical centers, educational institutions
  • Health and rehabilitation centers
  • Medical-and-sports clinics
  • Resort and spa facilities
  • Centers for occupational safety, rehabilitation & health
  • Publishing houses for medical literature
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers & suppliers
  • Medical insurance companies
  • Equipment and furniture for specialized psychiatric and medical institutions
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of complex equipment for medical offices, schools, health centers and holiday homes
  • Companies for safe medical waste disposal
  • Control and analytical laboratories
  • Pharmacies
  • Biological research centers
  • Laboratory medicine
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of test systems
  • Medical equipment and diagnostics
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of medical instruments
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of consumables
  • Emergency medicine institutions
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of special vehicles
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of disinfectants
  • Traumatology and orthopedics
  • Service providers in the field of palliative medicine
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of uniforms and special clothing
  • Other  
Rehabilitation / habilitation of people with mental disorders    
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of physiotherapy equipment
  • Sports industry & sports engineering companies
  • Suppliers of goods and services for tourism & recreation
  • Health nutrition manufacturers & suppliers
  • Training devices for adaptive physical education
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of swimming pools and saunas
  • Service providers in the field of rehabilitation / habilitation
  • Gerontology centers
  • Manufacturers of instruments and devices for rehabilitation
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of personal hygiene products
  • Manufacturers and suppliers of orthopedic devices and machines
  • Suppliers of goods and services for tourism & recreation
  • Sports industry & sports engineering companies
  • Telecommunication & IT companies
  • Health nutrition manufacturers & suppliers
  • Manufacturers of equipment for children's playgrounds
  • Balneology
  • Psychohygiene
  • Equipment and technology of massage
  • Water treatment and filtering systems for hospitals and health centers
  • Certification and patenting of innovative products in the field of rehabilitation
  • Herbal- and aromatherapy
  • Dietary food
  • Biologically active additives (dietary supplements)
  • Mineral water
  • Certification of products
  • Homeopathy
  • Specialized publishers and Internet portals
  • Other.  



For the first time in the framework of the Congress, a virtual exhibition will be held, where 3D models of the Partners ' stands will be presented. By clicking on the company's logo, participants will be able to get to its page and get the opportunity to view videos and other digital materials, download presentations and booklets of interest, take surveys and tests, and participate in quizzes. The virtual stand of the company is a full-fledged space for communication, with the opportunity to ask a question, order a call or exchange contacts.


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