About the Congress

PROBLEM INTRODUCTION: The world of work has been hit hard by the global viral pandemic. In addition to threats to public health, economic and social shocks threaten the long-term livelihoods and well-being of millions of people. Countries are taking unprecedented measures to combat the spread of the disease by reducing its harmful economic and labor market impacts through policies implemented by governments, employers 'and workers' organizations.


According to a study published by the World Economic Forum and the Harvard School of Public Health, the cost of mental disorders (and related consequences) will rise to $ 6 trillion globally by 2030, from $ 2.5 trillion in 2010. As a result, poor mental health will be more expensive than the cost of cancer, diabetes and respiratory disease combined. As people around the world grapple with the stress and social constraints associated with COVID-19, mental health has become a particular concern for policymakers and health professionals.


GOAL & OBJECTIVES: The WPA Thematic Congress “Mental Health at the Workplace” will be held in the hybrid format on 2-3 June 2022 in Moscow, Russia.


The Congress is organized by the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) and Union for Mental Health (Russia) in cooperation with the Fund of Social Insurance of the Russian Federation and the Russian Society of Psychiatrists.

The Congress aims to create an enabling environment for mental health and well-being of workers through interdisciplinary, multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder exchange, contribution, and cooperation via (i) formation the platform to develop a consolidated position on mental health and well-being of workers; (ii) determination of the most important predictors of workers' mental health and effective approaches to organizing measures to preserve and improve it; and (iii) presentation of evidence based medical and non-medical scientific and practical approaches towards treatment and rehabilitation of workers with mental health special needs.


Thematic Tracks:

  1. Economic and political approaches taken by governments, employers, workers' organizations, social insurance funds, in the field of mental health.
  2. Mental health problems in the workplace: prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation.
  3. Rights of persons with mental health problems in relation to access to work.

WHO ARE INVITED: Health professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists & psychotherapists); policymakers (ministries of health, social security, labor, economics, science and education, sports and culture) and leaders of social insurance funds; employers (enterprise owners, managers & HR leaders) and employees' unions (leaders of trade unions, human rights organizations, social security non-governmental organizations), and media.



Early rate – before 1 March 2022

Regular rate – before 20 May 2022

Proposal Submission – before 1 February 2022

Proposal Submission Notification – before 1 March 2022

Abstract Submission – before 1 March 2022

Abstract Submission Notification – before 1 April 2022