Welcome to the Congress

Distinguished Members of the International and Russian Organizing Committees, and the Scientific Committee,


Dear colleagues,


As you know, the III Congress on Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of the XXI Century “CHILDREN. SOCIETY. FUTURE." was postponed to October 8-10, 2021, due to the COVID 2019 pandemic.


Till the last moment we planned to hold in-person meeting. But on June 4 due to continued health risks and ongoing restrictions on international flights to Russia the Russian Organizing Committee took a decision to transform the upcoming III Congress on Mental Health to an entirely virtual congress.


With the changing format we hope to keep the program as it was developed & known to you.


Today the program of this unique international interdisciplinary scientific event presents eight research tracks covering more than fifty plenary sessions, symposia, seminars, and master classes.


The two-volume Collection of scientific papers, published due to our obligations on 26 June 2020, covers more than 200 articles delivered by medical and non-medical specialists from more than 130 research and educational institutions located in Russia, USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Israel, Spain, Greece, Brazil, Mexica, Portugal, Thailand, Belorussia, and Kyrgyz Republic. They share the latest results of research and practical activities on a wide range of mental health problems of children and adolescents in different areas of scientific knowledge including general medicine, psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychology, social policy, education, law, economics, sports, and art and provide invaluable reference materials for researchers and practitioners.


I do believe that joint efforts of scientists and practitioners, the governments and society, with the use of interdisciplinary and intersectoral approaches, will help 

not only to discuss the medical and non-medical problems of child and adolescent mental health, but also to develop recommendations for their solution.


I am delighted to extend my warmest gratitude to members of the International and Russian Organizing and Scientific Committees and our partners, for being with us during last difficult years, supporting us in difficult times and strengthening us in our work.


We will do our best to make the postponed online Congress a success and meet your expectations!


We are happy to welcome you to the online Congress!

Natalya V. Treushnikova

President, Union for Mental Health of Russia

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