Welcome to the Congress



The upcoming scientific event is remarkable. It affords us the opportunity to integrate different types of professionals working in the field of mental health care. In today's world when postmodernism is blurring the boundaries of mental health norms and pathology, we should not limit ourselves to narrow specialties. An integrated approach should be used in both word and deed to treat persons in an unstable psychological state or persons exhibiting aberrant behavior. The prevalence of certain psychological disorders and the fact that they extend beyond the boundaries of psychiatric classifications force us to be more cautious in using traditional, psychopharmacotherapy-based treatment methods. For example, psychologists, teachers and social workers have a major role to play in treating persons with autism spectrum disorders despite the fact that they “belong” to psychiatry. The list of such disorders is extensive.


I hope that during this Congress we will be able to bring academics and practitioners, who have different scientific approaches, closer together and meet the expectations of those who need to improve their mental health.

Vladimir D. Mendelevich

Director of Institute for Research of Problems of Mental Health, WHO-expert, MD, Professor

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