Welcome to the Congress

Welcome to the Congress on Mental Health:

Meeting the Needs of the XXI Century


On behalf of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation, I welcome the participants and the organizers of the Congress on Mental Health "Meeting the Needs of the XXI Century".


The fact that an active lifestyle, regular exercise make a beneficial effect on physical health, psychological state, the overall mood and self-esteem, is probably known by every student in theory, but in practice, this knowledge not always turns into real life principles and habits.

Physical training, sports, healthy lifestyle make the foundation upon which disease prevention, including that of psychological disorders, can be built. Most of the existing diseases - and this is a well-known fact - are easier to prevent than to treat. The concept of "mental health" appeals to a person's identity as a whole, and to various manifestations of human spirit, in particular. It is the desire of each of us to be themselves or find themselves in "turbulence", stay true to themselves (and to believe in themselves), in spite of difficulties and trials. A healthy person is active, caring, seeking to move forward - like an athlete, setting more and more new challenges for himself, pushing the limits and gradually reaching them.


I'm sure that the Congress will provide a platform for open dialogue, fruitful discussions, exchange of experience and expertise, establishment of professional contacts. All of this will ultimately allow to make a meaningful contribution to the preservation of mental and physical health of people and, consequently, to the extension of a full and active life.


Natalia V. Parshikova, State Secretary- Deputy Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation

Natalia V. Parshikova

State Secretary-Deputy Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Education, Professor

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