Welcome to the Congress



Prior to the Congress on Mental Health:Meeting the Needs of the XXI Century it is gratifying to realize that such events knit all participants together by common goal – to maintain mental health. The facts of our life in the early 2000-s themselves give rise to the concerns as far as the psychosocial circumstances create an unusual background for a new understanding of how mental and behavior disorders emerge and develop. From mechanisms of epigenetic imprinting, actuating in certain psychosocial circumstances, to the development of new technologies of mental distresses’ personalized therapy – a wide range of problems, uniting specialists from around the world, interested in the issues of preventive care, treatment and rehabilitation in mental medicine. The agenda involves – de-stigmatization of patients and community, the process of delivery of mental health services, mental disorders in general.

The fundamental nature of the selected theme-based trends of congress gives grounds for expecting its high efficiency, and the congress itself may be regarded as a comprehensive one due to a trans-national view of its participants.


Hoping for a meeting in Moscow soon,

Chairman of the Belorussian Psychiatric Association, M.D.

Prof. Oleg A.Skugarevsky 

Oleg A. Skugarevsky

Chairman of the Belorussian Psychiatric Association, M.D., Professor

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