Welcome to the Congress


In accordance with current trends, mental health is usually considered much broader than medicine as a subject. In particular, it is the social aspect that comes to the forefront as mental health is an important condition for the normal functioning of human in society. Utterly important and really burning problems are those of social rehabilitation and integration of people with mental disorders. Unfortunately, in our society we do not tend to talk about problems of such delicate nature, moreover, people are reluctant to seek professional help, trying to cope on their own until the last try, which only causes problems to grow and aggravate. 
And, perhaps, the first challenge that we all face is to provide information on how to get the help of specialized services. Priority should be given not to the treatment of existing psychopathologies but to their prevention. The idea of promoting mental health lies in the possession of stable adaptation to the environment, the reserve of forces to overcome stressful situations and active creative attitude to reality. The tasks we are all facing are large-scale, without their implementation it is hardly possible to make optimistic predictions about the future of our society, our country, our civilization.
I wish lots of success to the Congress on Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of the XXI Century. I hope that the developed policy documents will form the basis of the state strategy and will receive full support in the near future.
Grigory P. Ivliev

Head of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (ROSPATENT)

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