Welcome to the Congress

Respectful Participants of the Congress, dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
For the first time our congress is being organized by the efforts of several professional organizations. It is also the first time when representatives of many helping professions - psychotherapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and other specialists in the field of mental health - are gathering within a single congress. During the congress, we are able to hear each other out in a different way and realize how can we better complement each other in our work. On the next congresses we will be able to go even further, we can hold co-joint diagnostic seminars, therapeutic workshops and many other forms of our professional activity.  Congress will make important steps to ensure that together better to help our clients and patients.
See you at the congress, dear colleagues! 
Viktor V. Makarov

President of the Russian professional psychotherapeutic league of Russia, Vice-President of the World Council for Psychotherapy, MD, Professor

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