Film Festival "Docu-MENTAL"


The III Film Festival "Docu-MENTAL" will open the III Congress on Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of the XXI Century on 25 June 2020 in Moscow, Russia.


"Docu-MENTAL" is a panorama of feature and documentary films about and BY people with special mental health needs.


"Docu-MENTAL" is a platform for open discussion where well-known film critics, mental health specialists and non-specialists enable viewers to  analyze the characters' personalities and their perception of the world for mutual understanding and benefits.


"Docu-MENTAL" is a joint project with the Film Platform "Pilgrim", which with the help of magic of short films shows the lives of special people, their hobbies, thus changing the attitude towards them, their lives and roles in society.


"Docu-MENTAL" is an international contest of short fiction and non-fiction films about and BY people with mental disorders and developmental disabilities, which is supported by: the Film Platform "Pilgrim", the Company "Festagent", the Moscow Film School, and the Gorky Film Studio.


 “"All this time, while I was examining films, I was in a very difficult situation – I wanted to hug each participant and give everyone the highest rating. It's a huge deal what you do. You spend your talent, your gift, and everyone who sent their films has both talent and gift. I saw it, I can confirm it. You are talking about a very important topic, which is now very few people know how to really understand. And which will undoubtedly be the most important trend of the next decade, and maybe even decades," - said Katerina Gordeeva, Russian journalist, documentary filmmaker, writer, jury member of the II Contest "Docu-MENTAL" (2018).



III Biennial Film Competition DOCU-MENTAL


The III Docu-MENTAL Film Festival in cooperation with online platform PILIGRIM, festival agency CoolConnections, festival promotion agency FESTAGENT and Moscow New Film School present the III Biennial Film Competition dedicated to mental health.


Call for entries: The competition accepts fiction and documentary forms, produced from 2018 to 2020

Entry deadline: March, 30th


The winner films will be screened at Piligrim.


Jury board 2020: Ekaterina Vizgalova, Vsevolod Korshunov, Yulia Aug, Elena Pograbizhskaya, Selena Valyavkina, Natalia Babintseva.


Please, find full information about the competition and submit your film by the link:



Документальная картина Евгения Голованевского

«Возьми себя в руки»








Документальная картина Оксаны Степанцовой

«Марго. История солнечного зайчика»








Документальная картина Екатерины Маховой

«Пусть живет маленький принц»








Документальная работа Жанны Бабаевой

«Человек из Катманду»








Документальная работа Кристины Кужахметовой









Please find the photo report about "Docu-MENTAL" 2018 HERE

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