Children, Society and Future. Proceedings of the III Congress on Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of the XXI Century

09 February 2021

On 8 February 2021 the Lurian Journal (Vol.1 No.3 (2020) presented a review of the Collection of Research Papers of the III Congress on Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of the XXI Century – CHILDREN, SOCIETY, and FUTURE (DOI 10.15826/Lurian.2020.1.3.6). The authors are Vladimir I. Borodin, MD, Professor, Vice-President of Union for Mental Health; Natalia V. Treushnikova, Psychiatrist, Narcologist, President of Union for Mental Health .
Medical and non-medical specialists from more than 130 research and educational institutions located in Russia, USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Israel, Spain, Greece, Brazil, Mexica, Portugal, Thailand, Belorussia, and Kyrgyz Republic share the latest results of research and practical activities on a wide range of mental health problems of children and adolescents in different areas of scientific knowledge including general medicine, psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychology, social policy, education, law, economics, sports and art. Scientific and practical evidence and approaches to solving problems in the field of mental health and well-being of children and adolescents, presented in an interdisciplinary format and described in more than 200 articles, provide invaluable reference materials for researchers and practitioners. The variety of topics and approaches to solving certain mental health problems of children and adolescents, touched upon in the works of representatives of different disciplines, reflects the breadth of search for general and specific answers to the most complex and painful questions, which in most cases requires thoughtful interdisciplinary interaction. To show this in all possible completeness and at the same time to try to stimulate the further development of these promising trends is the main goal of this Collection.

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