Theatre for life: Festival of video performances

23 August 2021

Organized by Andrej Afonin & Alexandre Buysse, with the support of the Union for Mental Health of Russia/

To increase visibility and awareness of practices fostering Mental health, a Festival of video of inclusive -, social - and children’s theatre performances will be held during the III Congress of Mental Health: Meeting  the Needs of the XXI Century- CHILDREN, SOCIETY, AND FUTURE on October 8th and 9th, 2021.

The videos will be made available through links on the internet portal of the Congress and information about the performance and the theatre group will be posted as well. The videos will be available for streaming but will not be downloadable.

In order to take part in the Festival, please submit a video of one of your performances, by sending a link to a shared folder, or any other means, allowing us to upload your files to a server in order to make them available for streaming if they are selected.

Performances: inclusive, social and children’s theatre or dance.

Thematic: any thematic is acceptable, but only one performance per video/company.

Duration: minimum 45 minutes.

Content: full version of the performance, resulting from either a static camera or editing.

Technical requirement: HD video or higher quality.

Additional requirements: A brief description of the performance should be provided, indicating the year of production, the place where the performance was played, its performers and creators. In case of selection by the organizers, an authorization of internet broadcasting will have to be signed and proof of consent of participants provided upon request.

Optional: it is possible to provide an additional video presenting the company, the motivation behind the work and other relevant information highlighting the process.

Selection process: Videos should be submitted by September 15th at the latest using mentioning "Theater for life festival". The organizers will select the videos based on the adequacy with the thematic of the event, the quality of the material provided, purpose of the work, originality of the production. No feedback will be given on the selection process.

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