Future of Love

29 June 2021

Internet changed the way people meet and fall in love, with online dating and location-based services permitting people to look beyond their immediate circle of friends and contacts. How can we connect with one another in the modern age of tech and COVID? What are the global trends in love, tech, and in the kinds of stories we tell? How do we keep passion alive, and is that possible, and how can we be happy with the love that we have or want? Are there universal truths about love that transcend time, country, stages? Are eastern philosopher’s approaches to love and its dynamics different from those of the west?

These questions and more will be addressed.


Daniel Jones has edited the New York Times’ Modern Love column since it began in 2004 and now manages the franchise it has become: two weekly columns, three books (“Love Illuminated,” “Modern Love,” and “Tiny Love Stories”), a weekly podcast (with more than 120 million downloads), an Amazon TV series entering its second season, and “Modern Love Live” events. He lives in Western Massachusetts and New York City.

Dr. Judy Kuriansky is a noted clinical psychologist, professor at Columbia University Teachers College, author of “The Complete Idiots Guide to a Healthy Relationship” and "The Complete Idiots Guide to Dating", and mental health advocate at the United Nations. As the former host of the popular “Love Phones” call-in radio call-in show and advice columnist, she has answered thousands of questions about love from people of all ages and all cultures.

Chaired by Safwan M. Masri, EVP for Global Centers and Global Development

Introductions and Q+A Dr. Shannon Marquez, Dean of Undergraduate Education, Columbia University

This Columbia Global Centers webinar is part of a "Future of..." series with the Global Columbia Collaboratory (GCC). For more information about GCC, go to

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