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II Film Festival "Docu-MENTAL"


In an era when human consciousness experiences aggressive influence of the rapidly changing environment, mental health appears to be one of the topics requiring urgent attention.

Why, wanting to offend a person, we call him or her "abnormal"? Why are we so sure that we know what being "normal" is? What is "norm" with regard to the psyche?

The Union for Mental Health presents the II Film Festival "DocuMENTAL" that is aimed to raise an awareness about people with mental disorders and to reduce stigma surrounding them. The Festival is a part of the official program of the II Congress on Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of the XXI Century. The festival's program includes first showings and iconic films about people with special mental needs.

After watching, the audience will be invited for open discussion held by leading experts in the field of mental health and popular film critics.


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5-6 October 2018



The psychosocial rehabilitation is an important step in integration of people with mental health needs to society. The main objectives of psychosocial rehabilitation include increasing the social competence of people with mental disorders, reducing their stigma and discrimination, ensuring long-term social support and satisfying at least their basic needs. This can be achieved through collaboration between mental health professionals and non-specialists including NGOs and volunteers based on people with mental problems needs.

The Festival is aimed at improving health and wellbeing of people with mental health problems via:
  • Improving the quality of medical services delivered by mental health professionals
  • Improving the quality of non-medical services delivered by non-specialists including NGOs and voluntary groups
  • Harmonization of interpersonal relations between mental health professionals and people with mental health problems
  • Destigmatization of both psychiatry and people with mental health problems
  • Development of connections between mental health professionals & non-specialists; medical institutions and NGOs, voluntary groups
  • Development of cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration in the field of psychosocial rehabilitation.
The Festival will present the Arts & Crafts Fair For and With People with Mental Needs. It will be an amazing journey full of various master classes, extraordinary music, dance and theatre shows, arts & photo exhibitions, and special souvenirs.
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5 October 2018

Тhe II National Awards Ceremony «Harmony» & Banquet


The National Awards Ceremony «Harmony» is a prestigious Russian national event where the most distinguished professionals from various fields, including public health, psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychology, education & science, arts & culture, economics & politics, law & social welfare, sport, business, civil society, and the media receive official public recognition for significant contribution to mental health.
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