Welcome to the Congress

Dear Friends!
Hippocrates once said that health depends on whether a person has attained a state of harmony between their inner selves and their outer surroundings. Unfortunately, the typical daily life of adults these days is characterized by stress, negative emotions, and perpetual money worries. Not everyone is able to cope with the intense demands of the modern world. A person’s state of mind depends on several factors: their working conditions; professional security; familial relationships; social inclusion or exclusion; the economic and political stability of their nation. Under favorable conditions, a person’s mental state is harmonious, and under unfavorable conditions, these factors can lead to stress and depression.

According to data from the WHO, approximately 6% of the world’s population suffer from mental illness which affects their quality of life, wellbeing and physical health, and represents a significant social and economic burden for society as a whole.

The World Health Organization defines mental health as a state of equilibrium between an individual and their surroundings, the adequacy of their reactions to their social environment, as well as their physical, biological and psychological responses. Thus, mental health is considered to be an essential factor of general medicine and all related areas, especially on the social spectrum. The multi-faceted nature of mental illness requires the consolidated efforts of experts from various sectors.

We hope that the Congress on Mental Health: Meeting the Needs of the XXI Century will be a leading global discussion platform for Russian and international experts from various fields - health, science and education, arts and culture, law and economics, social welfare, media, sport and fitness, social and business circles - where they can share experiences, offer innovative problem-solving approaches, discuss scientific achievements and establish business contacts.

See you soon!
Natalya V. Treushnikova

President, Union for Mental Health of Russia

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